You Can Grow

We can help support organisations/community groups/schools to plan, build, manage and run an edible garden in their own local area. Teaching cookery skills and raising food and health awareness is what we primarily do as an organisation.

You Can Grow is an off-shoot to complement what we do (
YOU CAN COOK) to help individuals and families grow their own food either in their garden patch, home or allotments.

Our very first growing project: Innerleithen Can Grow 

We received funding from Climate Challenge Fund to run the above project at St. Ronan’s Primary School, Innerleithen. The project had four main parts;
Creation of a physical growing space in the grounds of St Ronan’s including composting  area

Gardening classes for parents/carers and for school children

Cookery classes for parents/carers

Carbon Conversations programmes to encourage carbon reduction

We have successfully completed this project with rave reviews and feedback from the school children, parents, staff and community. We now have a fully developed template to work and adapt if necessary in other locations/sites all over Scotland. We are confident we can tailor your needs to suit what you want out of the growing project.

So please do get in touch with us to find out how we can help you and your community GROW!

Our main objectives as part of a long-term vision for Scotland are;

  1. To work towards making Scotland a 100% organic country
  2. Keep Scotland GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) free